Felling and restocking regulations: strategic environmental assessment

Strategic environmental assessment (SEA) to accompany the consultation on the regulation of felling and restocking in 2018.

7 Identifying mitigation measures and opportunities for enhancement

7.1.1 The 2005 Act requires information to be provided on measures envisaged to prevent, reduce and as fully as possible offset any significant adverse effects on the environment of implementing the PPS.

7.1.2 There are a number of existing measures that serve to ensure that forestry-related operations in Scotland abide by the principles of sustainability and environmental protection. For example, the UKFS describes the conditions that must be met when felling trees [64] .

7.1.3 The changes to exemptions and guidance are predicted to have a mostly minor positive effect but potentially with a cumulatively major positive effect in the long term. It is expected that mitigation of environmental effects associated with tree felling and restocking will continue to be addressed primarily at a forest plan and site level.

7.1.4 As noted by the Consultation Authorities in response to the scoping report consultation, the general operation of felling and restocking can have negative effects for example, root growth damage to archaeological remains and masonry, particularly with young trees, whose roots can grow rapidly and also effects on peaty soils. Consideration will be required at forest plan / project level to mitigate any negative effects such as appropriate siting and minimising ground disturbance.


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