Registration of independent schools: guidance for proprietors overseeing child protection and safeguarding arrangements

Guidance for proprietors who are obliged to ensure that their school is appropriately resourced and structured to safeguard the welfare of learners. This guidance has been developed in consultation with a number of stakeholders to support good practice in schools.

6. Conclusions

Keeping children and young people safe is a priority for all and those who undertake to provide education and care – at any level – must be familiar with the national guidance, legislative responsibilities, and good practice.

The role of a proprietor is to oversee a school’s capacity to protect children and young people – ensuring that their school has the right people, policies, and practices – and to ensure that the school continues to improve practice.

While this guidance has been drafted to provide an overview, and highlight points of contact and advice, it is not exhaustive. Proprietors, Child Protection Co-ordinators, and senior leaders should be very familiar with the National Guidance for Child Protection in Scotland 2021 and other documents referenced in this guidance.



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