Registration of Civil Partnerships, Same Sex Marriage: Consultation Analysis

This report presents the analysis of responses received in reaction to the Scottish Government consultation on same sex marriage and the religious registration of civil partnership. The consultation closed on 9th December 2011.


General correspondence - summary of views

During the consultation period the Scottish Government received 1276 letters and e-mails about the registration of civil partnership and same sex marriage. The correspondence has been considered separately and only a short summary is provided here.

The majority of the correspondence set out people's views on whether the Scottish Government should introduce same sex marriage.

The correspondence received has been broken down into "for", "against" and "mixed". "Mixed" was used to cover responses which are ambivalent or which are about the consultation process rather than expressing a clear view for or against.

The numbers are as follows:

For: 111 9%
Against: 1108 87%
Mixed: 57 4%

Some of the correspondence came from Members of Scottish Parliament or churches (e.g. a Kirk session) and may have covered the views of more than one constituent or person.


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