Registers of Scotland Digital Transformation: Next Steps

Consultation on digital services in the Land Register and improvements to the land registration application form.

Annex B

A new digital disposition service

1. A digital disposition service would enable users to view and have access to information they have previously provided to RoS. We will work with stakeholders to identify how best to present this summary to users.

2. For example, the user would be able to populate an application with information supplied in an advance notice and be able to edit this information should they require this. The facility to re-use data has the dual benefits of providing greater efficiency and reducing the risk of error by manual re-keying of data.

3. In submitting a digital disposition, the user would only be asked to provide information that RoS does not already have. Fewer questions would be displayed to users and, instead, we would present the information we know about the plot of land. This may include both spatial and textual information, such as illustrating the extent on a map and displaying existing burdens. Therefore, the application would include both information to be certified and information to be provided. We would clearly identify what you are required to do at each stage of the process in order to successfully submit an application for registration.

4. We would like to use the data provided to you and the data provided by you to populate a digital deed. This will still have the appearance of a deed but where possible we will provide the facility to build its component parts through the process instead of your having to draft the deed and provide the application form separately.

5. In the example of a digital disposition over the whole of a registered plot, a user might want to continue their registration activity from the information supplied in an advance notice. This means that the following is already known at the point of initiating the digital disposition:

  • Title Number
  • Purchasing parties
  • Selling parties
  • FAS (this is supplied from the user's access details).

6. The user would then be prompted to provide the following information in relation to the transaction:

  • Consideration or value
  • Date of entry
  • Confirmation of compliance with LBTT
  • Notification email addresses.

7. We'll work with users to identify the optimal flow of presenting and requesting information but an illustration of this appears below:

an illustration of the optimal flow of presenting and requesting information


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