Reconviction Rates in Scotland: 2010-11 Offender Cohort

Analysis of one year reconviction rates for the cohort of offenders released from a custodial sentence or receiving a non-custodial disposal in 2010-11

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Table 15: Individuals given COPFS disposals by disposal type, 2010-11

Total number (=100%) Percentage given a non-court2 disposal within:
6 months 1 year
Individuals 50,678 10.7 17.7
Fiscal Fine 28,149 13.7 22.9
Fiscal Fixed Penalty 19,018 5.8 9.6
Fiscal Combined Fine with Compensation 1,888 12.6 19.2
Fiscal Compensation 1,531 13.3 20.1
Fiscal Fixed Penalty (Pre-SJR) 92 12.0 19.6

1. The non-court disposals dataset is independent of the dataset on court convictions. In future we will investigate ways of incorporating the non-court disposals with the court convictions.

2. Includes any non-court disposal, and therefore could include police disposals as well as COPFS disposals.


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