Reaching 100% Programme (R100) - State Aid: consultation

A State Aid public consultation to confirm eligible premises for public investment via the Reaching 100% Programme (R110) which is striving to extend the availability of NGA broadband infrastructure to deliver superfast broadband access to 100% of premises in Scotland.

6. State Aid Public Consultation

This consultation is being undertaken to meet the specific requirements of the 2016 NBS to hold a public consultation in order to validate the intervention area mapping by allowing all interested stakeholders an opportunity to comment on the planned aid measure.

The purpose of this document is to validate that the residual areas of the intervention area remain NGA White to allow for possible extension/s to the existing contracts into eligible premises within the IA and seek feedback from all interested stakeholders. The mapping for basic broadband and the areas under consultation for NGA broadband are shown in the attached maps at Appendix A.

The production of the map of the in-scope postcodes for consultation is based on the definitions of white, grey and black areas, as set out in the EU Guidelines (and as summarised above). All in-scope postcodes have previously been determined as NGA white or under review. The Scottish Government will only target the areas identified as in-scope on the map, subject to the outcome of this consultation, when considering extending existing contracts..

This State Aid Public Consultation and the list of postcodes associated with the maps are available to all stakeholders on the Scottish Government and will also be available via BDUK's website at BDUK Table of local broadband projects.



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