Public sector pay policy for senior appointments 2019-2020: technical guide

Supports the application of the 2019-2020 public sector pay policy and covers the remuneration of chief executives of Scottish non-departmental public bodies and public corporations, chairs and board members of public bodies in Scotland and NHS Scotland executive and senior management posts.

7. Abbreviations

Abbreviations commonly used in dialogue between public bodies / Sponsor Teams and the Finance Pay Policy team

CE Chief Executive
CEO Chief Executive Officer
DFM Deputy First Minister
FM First Minister
FPP Finance Pay Policy
HMRC HM Revenue and Customs
MSFM Management Statement and Financial Memorandum
NDPB Non-Departmental Public Body
NI National Insurance
NICs National Insurance contributions
NEDs Non-Executive Directors
PACE Public Appointments Centre of Expertise
PBU Public Bodies Unit
PSPP Public Sector Pay Policy
RG Remuneration Group
SCS Senior Civil Service
SG Scottish Government
SMP Statutory Maternity Pay
SPFM Scottish Public Finance Manual
SSRB Senior Salaries Review Body
TRS temporary responsibility supplement (or allowance)
T&S travel and subsistence



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