Public sector pay policy 2022 to 2023

Scottish public sector pay policy for the year 2022 to 2023 for devolved public bodies.

Staff Pay Remits

Pay Metrics

The following sets out details of each of the key pay metrics which apply in 2022-23.

Support for lower paid staff

The Scottish Government recognises the importance of supporting lower paid staff within the public sector. The 2022-23 pay policy introduces a Scottish public sector wage floor of £10.50 per hour and provides a guaranteed cash underpin of £775 for all staff who earn £25,000 or less.

Pay increases and thresholds

The 2022-23 pay policy provides a basic pay increase of £700 for public sector workers who earn between £25,000 and £40,000, and £500 for those earning over £40,000. The Technical Guide will include detail on smoothing arrangements around the thresholds to avoid any 'leapfrogging'.


Nothing in this pay policy is intended to interfere with pay progression arrangements for staff in the pay remit, or to constrain discussions between employers and staff and / or their representatives on this issue. Decisions taken on pay progression should be based on business needs, maintaining headcount and affordability.


The Scottish Government is committed to promoting wellbeing in the workplace and a healthy work-life balance. This pay policy provides employers with the discretion to consider standardising to a 35 hour working week with the expectation any reduction in the working week should not impact negatively on productivity and be delivered through normal negotiations as part of a progressive and agreed package of measures, including terms and conditions that support new ways of working. Employers have the option to explore a four day working week in the context of the reform option set out in the 2022-23 pay policy.

In line with this Government's commitment to a healthy work-life balance, this pay policy introduces the requirement for all employers to have meaningful discussions with staff representatives about the Right to Disconnect for all staff, discouraging an 'always on' culture. More background information about the Right to Disconnect will be included in the Technical Guide.

Additional flexibility

Beyond those limits set out above, public bodies will be able to use pay bill savings of up to 0.5 per cent of baseline salaries in 2022-23 to consider non-consolidated payments to address cost of living increases.

Non-consolidated performance related pay

All access to non-consolidated pots for payments linked to performance (bonuses) continues to be suspended for 2022-23.



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