Public sector pay policy 2019-2020

Scottish Government's public sector pay policy for the year 2019 to 2020 for devolved public bodies.

Senior Appointments

The Pay Policy for Senior Appointments governs the remuneration (salary, pay range, annual increase or review, non-consolidated performance payment (bonus) and other non-salary rewards, etc.) of:

  • Chief Executives of Non‑Departmental Public Bodies (NDPBs) and Public Corporations, etc.
  • NHS Scotland Executive and Senior Management posts.

This Pay Policy also governs the remuneration (daily fee rates, annual uprates or reviews and any pension arrangements, etc.) of:

  • All public appointments (Chairs and Members) to Scottish public bodies; Non-Executive Directors of the Scottish Government and its Agencies and Associated Departments; Chairs and Board Members of NHS Bodies; appointments to Tribunals, Appeals Boards, Advisory Committees and Inquiries, and ad hoc review or working groups, etc. under the auspices of the Scottish Ministers.

Pay Metrics

The following sets out details of each of the key pay metrics which apply in relation to the Pay Policy for Senior Appointments in 2019-20.

Pay Increases and Thresholds

Up to a 2 per cent pay increase for all Chief Executive appointments, except where the current salary is £80,000 and above, in which case the pay increase will be limited to £1,600.

The 2 per cent pay increase will also apply to the daily fees for Chairs and Members of Scottish public bodies up to £307, above which a maximum increase in daily fee will be limited to £6 per day.


Progression increases for Chief Executives covered by this Pay Policy are limited to a maximum of 1.5 per cent.

Non-consolidated payments to those on the maximum of their pay range

Non-consolidated payments amounting to no more than 1 per cent of salary may be paid but only for those Chief Executives already on the maximum of their pay range (and who no longer benefit from progression) or on spot rates. No such non-consolidated payments may be made to Chairs and Members.

Non-consolidated performance related pay

Access to non-consolidated performance related pay (bonuses) is again suspended in 2019-20. The policy expectation is that any bonus arrangement in a Chief Executive's contract will be removed when an appropriate opportunity arises (on new appointment or following a review).



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