The Public Procurement Reform Programme 2006-2016: achievements and impacts

This report reflects on the overall progress of the Public Procurement Reform Programme from 2006 to 2016.

Ministerial Foreword

Derek Mackay MSP

Our Programme for Government sets out a clear plan - to build a more prosperous nation with a dynamic, sustainable and inclusive economy, with public services that put people's needs first, and where every individual has true equality of opportunity.

Public procurement plays a key part in this plan. In Scotland we use our public procurement to deliver public services for a prosperous, fairer and more sustainable Scotland. Maximising efficiency and collaboration; improving access; embedding a sustainable approach supporting jobs and growth; and delivering benefits and savings all contribute to that dynamic, sustainable and inclusive economy.

This report provides a summary of the progress made since the publication of John McClelland's report 10 years ago. Procurement in Scotland has truly been transformed. Scotland is now identified as an exemplar and leader in procurement practices internationally, and credit should be shared across the public, private and third sectors, who have worked in the truest spirit of collaboration to deliver change.

The legislative landscape that was introduced between 2014 and 2016 provides a framework to build upon our gains, and help drive the policies that make Scotland a better place to live and work, with procurement a significant partner and enabler.

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Derek Mackay MSP
Cabinet Secretary for Finance and the Constitution


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