The Public Procurement Reform Programme 2006-2016: achievements and impacts

This report reflects on the overall progress of the Public Procurement Reform Programme from 2006 to 2016.

Measuring Progress against the Strategic Objectives

The public procurement reform programme developed four key strategic objectives aligned to the Scottish Model of Procurement:

  • removing barriers to access to public contracts (in particular for SMEs)
  • delivering savings and benefits
  • maximising efficiency and collaboration
  • embedding sustainability in all we do

Today these objectives are underpinned by a people and capability objective, this report measures the reform programme's progress, impact and achievements against the strategic objectives.

Scottish Model of Procurement

Ainslie McLaughlin Director, Scottish Procurement and Commercial Directorate

"I have seen first-hand the impact Procurement Reform has had in transforming the procurement landscape. The passion and commitment of the procurement community across Scotland to support their organisations and to improve the quality and efficiency of public services which we have all come to expect and rely upon.

"The development of the Centres of Expertise in the local government, central government, health and education sectors was probably the most radical change we've seen implemented. It is an approach which provides a more stable governance structure and allows for greater collaboration across our organisations.

"The Procurement Reform Act and EU Directives will help us cement the gains of the last 10 years and provide a platform for the further changes we need to deliver. Collaboration will be key. But it will be collaboration with a small 'c' and will be about procurement professionals working alongside policy clients innovating, reforming and re-designing our public services for the benefit of the people of Scotland."


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