The Public and the Justice System: Attitudes, Drivers and Behaviour - A Literature Review

This literature review examines evidence on what public attitudes to the justice system are, what drives these attitudes, what effect these attitudes have on behaviour, and what works to improve such attitudes.


This review would not have been possible without the assistance of several people. Thanks to Dr Yulia Chistyakova who assisted with the design and set up of the project and the initial literature searches. Thanks are also due to all those in the Scottish Government's Justice Analytical Services who gave their time to this project, either assisting with scoping, giving advice during the project, and reviewing and commenting on drafts. Finally, many thanks to Dr Ben Bradford, Centre for Criminology, Oxford University, and the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research University of Edinburgh, who peer reviewed the report in final draft. They provided a number of valuable and constructive comments.


Email: Carole Wilson

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