Public attitudes to coronavirus: October update

High level findings from recent polling work on public attitudes to the coronavirus pandemic in Scotland.

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1. COVID-19 in Scotland dashboard

2. Impact on wellbeing survey

3. Community stakeholder research


5. Figure 13

6. Figure 2

7. Previous to 28-29 July the statements started with 'I will' Figure 3

8. Figure 18

9. Before 23-24 June the first statement was 'I trust the advice and guidance from the Scottish Government to stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives' Figure 18

10. Before 28-29 July this question was part of the Ipsos MORI survey Figure 14

11. Since 18-19 Aug the statement reads 'I support restrictions being handled in a different way to the rest of the UK'

12. Before 23-24 June the full statement provided was 'I think that decisions based on when and how to lift restrictions must be based on saving lives and protecting our NHS'

13. Before 21-22 July, the full statement provided was 'I think the time is now right for businesses to start re-opening'

14. Base for 'Going to my usual place of work' is all Scottish adults in employment (n=441-467)

15. Base for 'My child(ren) going back to school' is all Scottish adults with children aged 4-17 (n=166-190)

16. Not all locations are shown in this chart



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