Public attitudes to Coronavirus – June and early July summary

This report includes some high level findings from recent polling work on public attitudes to the coronavirus pandemic in Scotland. Reports covering earlier survey work were published on 8 May and 12 June 2020.

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Overall trends and key points

There are a number of trends observable across the polling data:

  • Perceived risk from the virus to ‘your country’ has reduced since the start of June, whilst perceptions of the threat to the world, your community and you personally have remained stable. Confidence that things will improve increased at the start of June but has been declining since the middle of June.
  • Levels of optimism increased in early June but fell back again in early July. Anxiety and happiness levels have both remained relatively high and stable in the past few weeks. A high proportion of respondents reported experiencing loneliness in the past week.
  • Claimed compliance with suppression measures was high and most remained relatively stable in June but fell in early July. A different trend is seen for the wearing of a face covering, which has increased substantially over the past few weeks.
  • The NHS and Scottish Government were consistently rated highly in terms of doing a good job. Trust in Scottish Government to work in Scotland’s best interests has also remained high.
  • Levels of comfort with returning to work (for those in employment) and children returning to school have increased since early June, with a majority now comfortable with these activities. Whilst levels of comfort using public transport have also increased, only a third were comfortable with this in July.



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