Public attitudes to coronavirus: April summary

High level findings from recent polling work on public attitudes to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in Scotland.

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Overall trends and key points

There are a number of trends observable across the polling data;

  • Across a number of measures, attitudes shifted at the end of March but remained stable in April. In particular, levels of anxiety and worry associated with Coronavirus were high at the end of March but have fallen in April (while still remaining relatively high).
  • Awareness of, and claimed adherence to, compliance measures was high and remained stable in April. There are, however, some indications that support for following government advice and staying at home has weakened recently though remains high.
  • Concerns about the potential financial impacts of Coronavirus appear to be slightly higher than concerns about the health impacts, although the latter was taken increasingly seriously in April.
  • The NHS was consistently rated highly in terms of doing a good job to contain the virus in April.
  • Levels of trust in information from Scottish Government was similar to those for the World Health Organisation and Local Health Authorities[1].



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