Scottish Agricultural Census - provisional results: June 2020

Provisional results from the 2020 June Agricultural Census on land use, crop areas, livestock and the number of people working on agricultural holdings.

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Scottish sheep flock continues to recover

A chart showing lambs, ewes and other sheep from 2010-2020.

A favourable lambing season saw lamb numbers continued to recover in 2020, with an increase of two per cent to 3.32 million lambs. However, current numbers are still two per cent lower than the numbers from before the “Beast from the East” in 2018.

Number of sheep: 6.73 million

The favoured UK cuts of meat are leg and loin which means the value of imports is slightly more than exports.

The number of breeding ewes fell by one per cent to 2.54 million ewes in 2020, and the total number of sheep increased by one per cent to 6.73 million sheep.

The number of ewes and other sheep has remained relatively stable over the past ten years.



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