Flapper Skate protection: NatureScot advice to the Scottish Government

This document contains NatureScot's statutory conservation advice to Scottish Ministers regarding the protection of flapper skate eggs in the Inner Sound of Skye. This advice was considered by Ministers and contributed to their decision to designate the Red Rocks and Longay Urgent MPA.

Advice received from NatureScot - 26 October 2020

Please find below our advice on the protection of flapper skate in response to your request on 18 October 2020. We provide further details of recent survey work and the location of the known habitat; give provisional advice on the potential importance of this location in a Scottish context based on our current understanding; summarise potential threats to flapper skate; and consider the need for the area to be included as part of the Scottish MPA network alongside broader conservation requirements of relevance to flapper skate.


Email: marine_conservation@gov.scot

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