Annual canvass reform proposals: consultation paper

This policy statement sets out the revised model for the annual canvass which has been drawn up by the UK, Scottish and Welsh Government, and seeks views from all interested parties.


1 The publication of the revised register can be deferred until 1 February if there has been an election held in the area during the canvass period.

2 Electoral Commission, The December 2015 electoral registers in Great Britain, July 2016

3 Electoral Commision, Analysis of the December 2016 electoral registers in the United Kingdom, March 2017

4 1,912,950 applications were made online between 9 May and the 23 May 2017


6 and Northern Ireland

7 UPRN = Unique Property Reference Number, a number allocated to every property and piece of land by the local authority for record purposes.



10 A major change would consist of an addition or deletion required, directly impacting the completeness and accuracy of the register. A minor change, by contrast, would be where an elector wants/needs to change a small detail of their register entry such as that they are now aged over 76 (exempt from jury service).

11 An e-communication would include any electronic communication, for example an email or a notification through a Council account.


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