Annual canvass reform proposals: consultation paper

This policy statement sets out the revised model for the annual canvass which has been drawn up by the UK, Scottish and Welsh Government, and seeks views from all interested parties.

Section 9 - Form design

From the evaluation of the pilots and other sources we know that the content of the communications and the design is important in ensuring citizens clearly understand what, if anything, they are required to do in response. The communications sent to the public will be instrumental in the success of the reformed canvass.

The Electoral Commission ( EC) currently has responsibility to design registration forms, which are subject to the approval of the Minister for Cabinet Office following consultation with the Scottish Ministers in respect of forms for use in Scotland and the Welsh Ministers in respect of forms for use in Wales, and there are no plans to amend this. We will work closely with the EC in order to achieve a comprehensive and simple suite of communications.

We will be looking at what details should be prescribed on the forms and communications, with the view of reducing the amount of prescribed elements and therefore making them more adaptable to changing circumstances. The design will then be the responsibility of the EC. We and the EC will use behavioural insight techniques and user testing as part of this process to ensure optimum design. Because we intend to invest in developing forms which we are confident will elicit the desired response from citizens, we intend to require EROs to use these forms.

Question 16

What do you think the issues with the current HEF are?

Question 17

Is there information that can be taken out of the HEF?


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