Prohibition of the sale and supply of single-use vapes: strategic environmental assessment - environmental report

The strategic environmental assessment environmental report for the proposed prohibition of the sale and supply of single-use vapes.

7 Appendix A: Addressing Responses from Consultative Authorities

All statutory consultees were content with the six week consultation period proposed in the Scoping Report and so this will be retained. Extracts from each of the consultee’s feedback on the proposed scope and content of the assessment are set out below alongside the corresponding actions taken, where appropriate.

No changes were suggested to the proposed approach set out in the Scoping Report.

Consultee: Nature Scot

Consultation response extract: We are content with the scope and level of detail proposed for the assessment. We note the proposed topic-by-topic assessment methodology and we are supportive of this approach.

We welcome the stated intention to offer suggestions on maximising environmental benefits, in addition to exploring mitigation options.

Consultee: SEPA

Consultation response extract: We agree with the proposed scope of the assessment and are satisfied with the suggested reasonable alternatives. We are content with the proposed assessment methodology to consider environmental impacts on a topic by topic basis.

Consultee: Historic Environment Scotland

Consultation response extract: In light of the information and reasoning set out within the screening and scoping report, we agree with your view that there unlikely to be significant environmental effects for the historic environment.



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