Prohibition of the sale and supply of single-use vapes: Fairer Scotland Duty Summary

Fairer Scotland Duty Assessment (FSDA) summary for the proposed prohibition on the sale and supply of single-use vapes in Scotland.

Summary of assessment findings

62. Prior to consultation, a preliminary framing exercise was conducted by Zero Waste Scotland involving officials in the Scottish Government’s Product Stewardship team. A principal researcher from the Scottish Government’s Office of the Chief Social Policy Advisor was also consulted and provided advice and insight to the process. This was further supported using desktop research

63. The framing exercise identified a limited number of potential impacts. As a result, a desk-based approach was considered to be appropriate for this stage of the FSDA and has been used to source existing data and evidence.

64. Following these initial scoping exercises, wider internal Scottish Government consultation and engagement with relevant external organisations was undertaken.

65. Initial contact was also made with a number of representative groups involved in supporting those experiencing socio-economic disadvantage. The Scottish Government will consider further engagement to better understand how the proposal may impact on those experiencing socio-economic disadvantage across Scotland ahead of policy implementation.

66. At this time, there is not believed to be sufficient evidence of impacts on those who experience socio-economic disadvantage to amend the proposal. Alternatives to single-use vapes are widely available, including reusable vapes as well as nicotine patches and gum for smoking cessation purposes. The latter options are available through prescription for current cigarette smokers who are trying to stop.

67. This FSDA has summarised potential impacts based on available information at the time of production and will be used by the Scottish Government to inform implementation of the policy. Appropriate monitoring of the policy is required to ensure emerging impacts are identified and addressed where appropriate post-implementation.

68. It should be noted that there is potential overlap between those with protected characteristics considered within the Equalities Impact Assessment who are also experiencing socio-economic disadvantage. This can result in individuals experiencing cumulative impacts from the planned policy proposal. Evidence has not been identified at this current time, but this will continue to be reviewed during the consultation.

69. An Equalities Impact Assessment (EQIA), an Island Communities Impact Assessment (ICIA) and a Child Rights and Wellbeing Impact Assessment (CRWIA) have been conducted alongside this Fairer Scotland Duty Assessment (FSDA). The socio-economic outcomes considered in this assessment have links across potential impacts identified in the EQIA. It is advised that this document should be read in conjunction with the other impact assessments where relevant.



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