Prohibition of the sale and supply of single-use vapes: Child Rights and Wellbeing Impact Assessment (CRWIA) Stage 2

Child Rights and Wellbeing Impact Assessment (CRWIA) Stage 2 for the proposed prohibition on the sale and supply of single-use vapes in Scotland.

Annex 1 Evidence Sources

Organisation – Link to Report

  • ASH Scotland - ASH Scotland’s literature review for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde’s tobacco planning and implementation group - Review of current evidence: Young people and e-cigarettes.
  • ASH England - Use of e-cigarettes among young people in Great Britain Policy options to tackle the issue of disposable (single use) vapes – ASH
  • The Scottish Government - Data on Vaping among Children - Vaping - understanding prevalence and trends among adults and children: research - (

Vaping – Health harms: evidence briefing - (

Children in Scotland - Scottish Government launches Take Hold campaign to raise awareness of vaping harms

Vaping among teens: A growing trend? - House of Lords Library

Creating a smokefree generation and tackling youth vaping consultation: government response.

Over 700 fires in bin lorries and recycling centres are caused by batteries many of which are hidden inside electricals

  • Children in Scotland - Changing our World and Children in Scotland - Vaping Evidence Paper – 2023 Barnardo’s - Barnardo's responds to the Government's ban on disposable vapes. | Barnardo's (
  • Young Scot - The Truth About E-cigarettes – Young Scot
  • Science Direct – Adolescents' Health Perceptions of E-Cigarettes: A Systematic Review - ScienceDirect

Adolescents Who Vape Nicotine and Their Experiences Vaping: A Qualitative Study



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