Provision of Communication Equipment and Support: Part 4 of the Health (Tobacco, Nicotine etc. and Care) (Scotland) Act 2016: progress report 2019

Report on progress since commencement of Part 4 of the Health (Tobacco, Nicotine etc. and Care) (Scotland) Act 2016 - Provision of Communication Equipment in March 2019.

3. Looking Forward

A review of the National AAC Work Plan was carried out in the summer of 2019, with feedback received from the National AAC Advisory Group members, informing the programme of work going forward into 2020. Further detail has been provided below with the work plan being included within the supporting documents.

3.1 Leadership and Governance

AAC Exec Leads are encouraged to engage with their boards Equality and Diversity leads to ensure the inclusion of AAC is specifically referenced within their local reports.

The National AAC Advisory Group membership will continue to provide advice and support in the delivery of the AAC national work plan.

3.2 Communications and Engagement

In co-production with local health boards and stakeholders, the development of a robust model for ongoing engagement with AAC service users is to be taken forward in preparation for meaningful capture of service user views.

The sharing of good practice and local awareness raising activities by health boards and other agencies to continue to be a regular agenda item for discussion at each National AAC Advisory Group meeting.

3.3 Operational Improvement

3.3.1 Local work plans

Local work plans to be in place in each health board, ensuring sustained and ongoing local improvements are included in the following:

  • provision of equipment and support; patient pathways and services and; AAC partnerships and local groups.

3.3.2 Short Life Working Groups (SLWG)

The SLWG's on AAC equipment procurement; data and evidence, learning and; assessment will continue their work whilst seeking advice and support from the National AAC Advisory Group.

3.3.3 Assessment

There is variation in practice across Scotland, with some areas building on expertise to develop frameworks that are evidence based and support assessment and decision making. A workshop to share examples of assessment, and evidence based work to date will be hosted early in 2020.

3.4 Policy and Guidance

3.4.1 Cross-cutting Policy Work

Policy officials to continue to provide information and advice for inclusion of AAC to support other Scottish Government policy areas.

3.4.2 AAC Logic Model

Work has now started on the development of a logic model, to underpin the refreshed high level AAC National Work plan. The logic model will be co-produced with our national advisory group members and stakeholders reflecting the broader and on-going program of work and priorities on AAC.

3.5 Workforce Development and Training

The Scottish Government will to continue to work with NHS Education for Scotland (NES), the SLWG on AAC Learning, Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC), Education Scotland and other partners to identify learning, innovation and good practice and promote and signpost relevant learning opportunities, ensuring widespread access to learning resources across Scotland.

3.6 Monitoring and Evaluation

The Scottish Government will continue to work with AAC Executive Leads, the SLWG on Data and Evidence and other partners to progress feasible means of capturing evidence on how the legislative duty is being met across Scotland – recognising the feedback from the NSS Scoping the Possible Report that references system change.



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