Programme for Government 2015 to 2016

Programme for Government 2015-16, setting out the legislation for the coming year.

06 The Scottish Government's Legislative Programme

Bills for Introduction in 2015-16

  • Abusive Behaviour and Sexual Harm Bill
  • Bankruptcy Consolidation Bill
  • Budget Bill
  • Burial and Cremation Bill
  • Lobbying Bill
  • Private Tenancies Bill
  • Scottish Fiscal Commission Bill
  • Scottish Elections (Dates) Bill

Bills Already Announced and Progressing through Parliament in 2015-16

  • Human Trafficking and Exploitation Bill
  • Carers Bill
  • Inquiries into Fatal Accidents and Sudden Deaths etc. Bill
  • Harbours Bill
  • Community Justice Bill
  • Education Bill
  • Health (Tobacco, Nicotine etc. and Care) Bill
  • Land Reform Bill
  • Succession Bill
  • Higher Education Governance Bill
  • Criminal Justice Bill

Bills passed since the 2014 Programme for Government

  • Scottish Elections (Reduction of Voting Age) Bill
  • Food Bill
  • Mental Health Bill
  • Community Empowerment Bill
  • Welfare Funds Bill
  • Legal Writings (Counterparts and Delivery) Bill
  • Air Weapons and Licensing Bill
  • Prisoners (Control of Release) Bill
  • Budget Bill
  • Community Charge Debt Bill

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