Permitted development rights - extension and review: sustainability appraisal update

Update to the 2019 Sustainability Appraisal on the Programme for Extending Permitted Development Rights in Scotland is concerned with the proposals for phase 1 of the work programme. This document sets out the findings of the further, iterative appraisal of these emerging proposals.

4 What are the new proposals set out in the Phase 1 consultation? 

4.1.1 The phase 1 consultation includes new proposals on PDR for the conversion of forestry buildings, options for which have been aligned with proposals for agricultural PD explored within the 2019 SA. Developments relating to active travel also include new proposals for on-street cycle and scooter storage. The above proposals were not previously considered by the 2019 SA and an appraisal was therefore undertaken, the findings of which are set out in paragraphs 6.1.20 and 6.2.4 below.  Updated proposals for Peat Restoration are also explored further. 



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