Permitted development rights - extension and review: sustainability appraisal update

Update to the 2019 Sustainability Appraisal on the Programme for Extending Permitted Development Rights in Scotland is concerned with the proposals for phase 1 of the work programme. This document sets out the findings of the further, iterative appraisal of these emerging proposals.

3 How was the Update to the SA undertaken?

3.1.1 As a starting point in preparing this update to the SA, comments received on the 2019 SA consultation were reviewed to identify any issues requiring further consideration. The consultation draft phase 1 proposals, published alongside this Update, were then considered for any potential significant environmental, social and economic effects beyond those already identified in the SA, and to identify any new proposals not previously assessed or requiring more detailed assessment. The updated appraisal findings are set out in narrative form. Where no new or updated appraisal findings are set out in this addendum for relevant to the draft Phase 1 proposals, it is considered that the 2019 SA findings remain current.   



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