Permitted development rights - extension and review: sustainability appraisal update

Update to the 2019 Sustainability Appraisal on the Programme for Extending Permitted Development Rights in Scotland is concerned with the proposals for phase 1 of the work programme. This document sets out the findings of the further, iterative appraisal of these emerging proposals.

1 Introduction

1.1.1 The Scottish Government commissioned independent consultants LUC to undertake a Sustainability Appraisal (SA), incorporating the requirements of Strategic Environmental Assessment[1] to inform its proposed programme for reviewing and extending permitted development rights (PDR) in Scotland. The resulting Sustainability Appraisal Report[2] was consulted on alongside a draft work programme[3] from 5 November 2019 – 28 January 2020. The SA Report set out the potential environmental, social and economic effects arising from options for changes to 16 development types. A Non-Technical Summary[4] of the SA report is available on the Scottish Government's web pages.  

1.1.2 The SA findings were used to inform the Scottish Government's iterative work programme for extending PDR. Further information on this and on the responses received to the 2019 consultation is set out in the draft Post Adoption Statement published alongside this Update.  An analysis of the responses received has also been published alongside this Update.[5]



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