Procurement - supply of electricity framework SP-21-052: buyer guide

A guide for public and third sector bodies who are considering using the Scottish Procurement supply of electricity framework.

Framework benefits and scope

Framework scope

The scope of the services includes the following:

Electricity supply for:

  • half hourly;
  • non half hourly;
  • domestic metered sites and;
  • unmetered supply points

Schedules 10 and 12 (Ancillary Services and Form of Ancillary Services Contract) provides more details on the additional services available through this framework and can be found in the Scottish Procurement: Procurement Information Network group on the secure Knowledge Hub site. Please click here for details.

Framework and call-off contract period

The Framework start date was 1 April 2023, for Scottish Procurement flexible wholesale electricity trading only.

The start date for Supply of Electricity to public bodies and third sector organisations was 1 April 2024, for an initial two year period ending on 31 March 2026.

There are options to extend for a further 3 x 12 month periods (1+1+1), meaning the maximum end date will be 31 March 2029. 

Individual customers do not have a minimum duration and will be continued to supply electricity to all sites listed. For a customer to leave the framework your organisation ever wants to leave the Frameworks it must give 12 months notice. 

It is the responsibility of any buying organisation wishing to use the framework agreement to satisfy itself that it is eligible to do so. Entitlement can be established from the Contract Notice Section II.2.4 of the notice refers.

Further guidance can also be found within the Scottish Government guidance on framework agreements. If there is any doubt, legal advice should be sought.

The framework terms and conditions are subject to Scots law.

Support for framework public bodies

  • Service Relationship Manager: Mark Maclennan is responsible for strategic and day to day Framework operational management. The SRM will be responsible for customer engagement, provision of market and legislative information and updates as well as ensuring delivery of Framework requirements
  • Service Development Manager: Gemma Skett and Rebecca Frankum are the key points of contact for Scottish Procurement and their clients and is responsible for leading the service and SLA (Service Level Agreement) deliverables for customers as well as establishing and maintaining strong client relationships
  • Customer Experience Manager: is a new role and will be undertaken by Stuart Treloar. They are responsible for coordinating and overseeing Client Services and Account Management to deliver an outstanding customer experience. The Service Development Manager will report directly to the Customer Experience Manager who can escalate to Public Sector Senior Manager. The Customer Experience Manager will coordinate and oversee service and operational delivery across the Public Sector teams. Their role is to empower the team to drive forward a programme that delivers an outstanding customer experience
  • Contact Team Manager: Lee Brown manages the team of Customer Service Advisors and Team Performance Coaches. Lee leads and develops a high performing team within Customer Service
  • Public Sector Senior Manager: Sharon Sage is responsible for managing the team of Senior Relationship Managers and the Customer Experience Manager. This will allow the Customer Experience Manager to report directly to framework leadership and escalate, as necessary

Framework benefits

This national framework will provide the following benefits:

  • continued benefit of Scottish Procurement’s flexible purchasing of wholesale electricity;
  • provision of assistance to public sector organisations to work towards their net zero targets such as; energy efficiency services and options to sleeve Power Purchase Agreements;
  • options to purchase Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin Certificates (REGOs)
  • commitment to a range of Community Benefits which include:
  • creation of a Social Value Engagement Hub:  Working to create Social Value Action Plans with customers to ensure core health , wellbeing and energy priorities are being understood and addressed, this will be led by a Social Value Specialist;
  • mentoring with charities focussed on combatting climate change or providing expert advice to customers or suppliers via the Social Value Engagement Hub
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