Procurement - software value added reseller services framework (SP-21-034): buyer's guide

Buyer's guide for the software value added reseller services procurement framework (SP-21-034).

Framework information

Framework benefits

  • reduction in duplication of procurement activity within the Scottish public sector
  • easy to use, single supplier framework, with no need to run a mini-competition
  • standardised terms and conditions
  • structured discounts in place for software purchases that will deliver demonstrable value for money and savings
  • centralised framework administration and management
  • asset recording of purchased software
  • aggregation of bulk software purchases (bringing together organisations with similar purchases to identify savings)
  • management and administration of price competitions between software options to identify further savings

Using the framework

The process to use the framework is simple. Buyers should follow these steps:

  • identify the requirement
  • contact Computacenter using the contact details below
  • receive quotation within 48 hours from Computacenter
  • agree to proceed
  • raise call off order form AND purchase order or complete a Schedule 5 Standard Terms of Supply
  • purchase licences or Value Add Services from Computacenter

The SVARS framework has service level agreements and key performance indicators in place for things like onboarding new vendors and providing timely quotations.  Further information about these can be found in the Procurement Information Network Group within the Knowledge Hub.

Completing the Call-Off order form

  • complete the Call Off order form template within the Knowledge Hub
  • populate sections marked for completion by ‘The Buyer’
  • please include any project specific deliverables/statements of work as Appendices
  • please don’t include anything that is not needed or specific to the call-off (internal emails, personal information, other requests etc.)

An example of a complete Call Off order form for guidance can be found on Knowledge Hub.

Fair work first, sustainability and community benefits

Computacenter will deliver several Fair Work Practices, Sustainability deliverables and Community Benefits during the period of the framework.  These include but are not limited to:

  • deliver a minimum of 4 additional jobs from long-term unemployed, Modern Apprentices and Graduates

  • deliver 8 work experience placements from 14+ age groups

  • 80 hours of STEM, learning and digital engagement sessions

  • 40 hours of Digital Accessibility sessions

  • guarantee that all staff working on this framework will be paid at least the Real Living Wage and no use of zero-hour contracts

  • commitment to achieving Net Zero Greenhouse Gas emissions by 2040 and is on track to be carbon neutral for scope 1 and 2 emissions by the end of 2023

  • develop a plan to reduce carbon outputs during the delivery of this framework and reporting on Sustainability via an annual report for each year of this framework

  • promote the use of sustainable/green software

  • appoint a Social Value Champion who will report quarterly on sustainability performance

Procurement Reform (Scotland) Act 2014

A reminder for buyers that contracts awarded, equal to or greater than, £50,000 must follow the requirements of the Procurement Reform (Scotland) Act 2014.

Buyers should note that in accordance with Section 23(2) the award of contracts must be publicised on the Public Contracts Scotland website and in accordance with Section 35, contracts must be registered in the contracting authority’s contracts register.

Framework documents

A copy of the Framework Agreement can be downloaded from the Procurement Information Network Group within the Knowledge Hub.

The Agreement consists of:

  • terms and conditions
  • specification
  • pricing
  • call off order terms and conditions
  • management arrangements
  • contractor sensitive information
  • exit management
  • cyber security requirements

Buyers should note that the pricing schedule contains commercially sensitive information which must not be disclosed to anyone outwith your organisation.

Information about the Techsource Portal, pricing, terms and conditions, order form, call off Schedule 5, Computacenter contacts and the framework’s complaints procedure can be found on the Procurement Information Network Group within the Knowledge Hub.

If you are not registered to access the procurement information network within the knowledge hub, and are eligible to use the framework please complete the registration form and send it to

Accessing Techsource

If you haven’t purchased through Computacenter before; You may need to get set up with an account. Please contact with the following information and ask to be set up on Techsource;

  • Organisation name –
  • Registered address –
  • Physical invoice address –
  • Company registration number –
  • VAT number –
  • Company switchboard –
  • Company invoice email (accounts payable) –

If you already purchase through Computacenter but want to start accessing Techsource you can contact with your name/email address and access will be given.



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