Procurement - recruitment advertising and public notices: buyer guide 2024

Guidance for public sector organisations on how to access and use the framework agreement.

Further information

Procurement Reform (Scotland) Act 2014

Buyers are reminded of the obligations contained in the Procurement Reform (Scotland) Act 2014 in relation to the award of contracts valued equal to or greater than £50,000 including those awarded as a result of a framework call-off/mini competition

In particular, buyers should note that in accordance with Section 23(2) the award of contracts must be publicised on the Public Contracts Scotland website and in accordance with Section 35 contracts must be registered in the contracting authority’s “contracts register”

Your attention is also drawn to the requirement to provide feedback in accordance with Section 32 and Section 33

Framework documentation

A copy of the Framework Agreement which comprises terms and conditions, schedule 1 (specification), schedule 2 (price), schedule 3 (ordering procedures), schedule 4 (management information – roles and responsibilities of contractors and framework public bodies), schedule 5 (Standard Terms of Supply), schedule 6 (Parent Company Guarantee), schedule 7 (contractor sensitive information), schedule 8 (exit management), schedule 9 (model contract regarding data protection), schedule 10 (approved subcontractors) and schedule 11 (Cyber Security Requirements) can be downloaded from our secure Knowledge Hub site

Framework public bodies are reminded that schedule 2 (price) contains commercially sensitive information which must not be disclosed to any party out with your organisation without prior approval from Scottish Procurement​​​​​​​

Framework service provider

Penna Plc, 10 Bishops Square, Spitalfields, London, E1 6EG

Contact: Sandra Innes,​​​​​​​

Ordering procedures

Call-off contracts will be awarded as a direct award to cover one or more orders as set out by the framework public body in the call-off contract. The framework public body shall give a notice sent by email to the contractor which states the service requirements and seeks a proposal for the requirements in accordance with the framework agreement, schedule 2, pricing and schedule 5 Standard Terms of Supply.

Subject to agreement, the framework public body shall award its service requirements by placing an order with the framework contractor in accordance with the following:

  • states the service requirements
  • states the specification
  • states the charges payable for the service requirements in accordance with the tender submitted by the successful framework contractor
  • incorporates reference to schedule 5, standard terms of supply

The contractor shall be available to accept orders on every working day and provide the framework public body with a point of contact to deal with any queries during the same period

The authority requires the contractor to provide order acknowledgement to the framework public body in all instances and where the framework public body subsequently cancels an order, the contractor should acknowledge receipt of such cancellation.


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