Procurement People of Tomorrow: placement pack

This placement pack provides a consistent and valuable 5-day plan for students to follow when undertaking a one-week procurement placement.


Procurement People of Tomorrow (PPoT) is a Scotland-wide partnership programme, involving both the public and private sector, that aims to create our 'future' procurement and commercial talent. Our vision is to leave a sustainable legacy for the procurement profession in Scotland by growing our own talent to address industry-wide skills shortages.

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One of the key strategic objectives for the PPoT programme is to increase the opportunity and uptake of work placements for young people in their latter stages of school. This Placement Pack provides a consistent and valuable 5-day plan for students to follow when undertaking a one-week procurement placement. With a variety of activities and material split over five themes, one for each day.

PPoT has teamed up with partners to utilise a challenge themed approach to the pack, meaning that each day you'll have a challenge to complete that will develop your knowledge of the topic as well as your research, communication and problem solving skills!

The 5 days are broken up with the following themes…

Monday (Day 1)

Introduction to Procurement

An insight into the procurement profession and its critical role within both the public and private sector.

Tuesday (Day 2)

Supplier Relations

A one-day challenge on supplier performance management.

Wednesday (Day 3)

The Power of Procurement

An overview of the wider impact procurement can have on all aspects of our society

Thursday (Day 4)

The Procurement Challenge

A one-day challenge on commercial thinking

Friday (Day 5)

Reflection and Learnings

An opportunity to reflect on your placement experiences and recognise the learnings you've received

Note to the placement host

This pack is primarily for the hosting of school pupil placements in a procurement environment but is not exclusive to that. The pack can also be used as an off the shelf lesson plan in an education setting to deliver an interactive and engaging experience of procurement and supply chain management.


The PPoT placement pack materials are protected by copyright by Scottish Government. This supports us both in providing content on an open basis, but respects our contents origin.

A special thanks to our partners for their significant contributions to the development and publishing of this pack.

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