Procurement - media planning, buying and associated services framework: buyer guide

This buyer’s guide provides guidance to public sector organisations on accessing and utilising the media planning, buying and associated services framework.

Framework sustainable benefits

All suppliers have committed to contributing to Scottish Government’s Sustainable Procurement objectives. Framework public bodies may therefore wish, on a proportionate basis, to take this into consideration as part of their service delivery call-off, where relevant.

In addition, all suppliers have proposed a range of Fair Work First (FWF) measures to be applied in their delivery of the Framework such as no inappropriate use of zero hours contracts. Framework public bodies are encouraged to discuss these in relation to the management of their requirement.

Detail of all suppliers’ status with regard to size, payment of rLiving Wage, whether they are rLW accredited and whether they have signed the Business Pledge can be found on the Additional Supplier Information document contained within Knowledge Hub .

A link to the Sustainable Procurement/Procurement Journey is provided to assist you in considering the relevance of this criteria to your requirement.


Framework management

Colin Anderson
Scottish Government, Scottish Procurement, Victoria Quay, Edinburgh, EHQ 6QQ

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