Private sector rent statistics: 2010 - 2018

This publication presents statistics on private sector rent levels in Scotland over the years 2010 to 2018.


1. A definition and map of Broad Rental Market Areas is included in this publication in the Section on Broad Rental Market Area Profiles

2. Information is provided on means, medians, lower quartiles and upper quartiles. These statistical terms are defined in Annex B - Glossary of Terms

3. Scotland's People Annual Report: Results from the 2017 Scottish Household Survey /publications/scotlands-people-annual-report-results-2017-scottish-household-survey/

4. ONS CPI Reference Tables, published on 17 October 2018

5. ONS CPI Reference, published on 17 October 2018

6. /publications/local-housing-allowance-rates-2018-2019/

7. A Broad Rental Market Area for Local Housing Allowance purposes is defined as an area in which a person could reasonably be expected to live having regard to facilities and services for the purposes of health, education, recreation, personal banking and shopping, taking account of the distance of travel, by public and private transport, to and from those facilities and services.

8. Means, medians, and lower and upper quartiles are defined in Annex B - Glossary of Terms.

9. /publications/scotlands-people-annual-report-results-2017-scottish-household-survey/

10. /publications/housing-statistics-scotland-2018-key-trends-summary/







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