Private sector access to public sector personal data: exploring data value and benefit-sharing

The aim of this review is to enable the Scottish Government to explore the issues relevant to the access of public sector personal data.


1. This was the case for our search of JSTOR which we had to use an adapted, more limited keyword search for.

2. The tags used can be found in Appendix I.

3. The focus of Aidinlis' review was (G2B) data sharing for research and evaluation purposes, with such data sharing being an, 'emergent practice of governments which are interested in exploring the potential of data analytics to produce more accurate and cost-efficient policies in such contexts as improving access to justice, reducing poverty or supporting healthcare systems' (Aidinlis (2022).

4. For discussion, see Comandè, G., & Schneider, G. 'It's time. Leveraging the GDPR to shift the balance towards research-friendly EU data spaces' (2022) 59 (3) Common Market Law Review, 739-776.

5. References in original omitted.

6. Reference in original omitted

7. Reference in original omitted.

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