Preventing Overweight and Obesity in Scotland: A Route Map Towards Healthy Weight

Scotland's obesity strategy.


7.1 Management and treatment of obesity are outwith the scope of this Route Map, as it focuses on prevention. However, we are committed to ensuring that cost effective and appropriate weight management services and treatments for obesity are provided for patients in Scotland. We will:

  • Invest in resources for the continuing professional development of primary care professionals to develop a better understanding of obesity, its management and treatment.
  • Review and, if necessary revise the HEAT target in the light of the Scottish Obesity Action Resource ( SOAR32) report, to help Boards and their local partners establish effective child healthy weight intervention programmes and consider expansion to include adult weight management services.
  • Ask the National Planning Forum 33 to approve the establishment of a pan-Scotland group to develop clinical pathways, in the light of forthcoming advice from SIGN, 34 extant advice from SMC and the SOAR report.
  • Take account of the National Planning Forum recommendations on equal access to clinically effective services for morbidly obese patients from all areas of Scotland, taking into account waiting time requirements.
  • Regularly assess progress in developing local obesity management and treatment strategies by NHSScotland at the NHS Boards' Annual Reviews.
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