Preventing Overweight and Obesity in Scotland: A Route Map Towards Healthy Weight

Scotland's obesity strategy.


1 Overweight includes obese.
2 Scottish Health Survey, 2008 (see Appendix 1 for more information).
3 Body Mass Index ( BMI) is calculated by dividing an individual's weight in kilograms by their height in metres squared. BMI cannot categorise all individuals accurately eg athletes. Waist circumference can be used as an alternative, with better categorisation of body fat; > 80cm women or > 94cm men = overweight; > 88cm women or > 102cm men = obese.
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9 The methodology and assumptions used to generate this estimate will be published separately.
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11 A recent FOI request in Scotland identified £4.4 million spend on items such as extra wide beds in 10 of the 14 territorial boards.
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14 Extrapolated from figures from the FSA on energy balance. The increase in kcals for both the male and female populations have been averaged and extrapolated to a year.
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18 Note that this is twice the amount of activity currently recommended for health gain or maintaining healthy weight. This may change as new evidence emerges.
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20 During the 'Special Period' of five years in the 1990s levels of per capita daily energy intake fell gradually from 2899 kcal to 1863 kcal and daily energy expenditure increased, so that the proportion of physically active adults increased from 30% to 67%. This resulted in the prevalence of obesity falling from 14% to 7%, the proportion of those with normal weight increasing from 60 to 66% and the rates of death from the consequences of obesity falling significantly in the following years. (France M, Ordunez P, Caballero B & Cooper RS. Obesity reduction and its possible consequences: what can we learn from Cuba's Special Period? CMJ 2008;178:1032-1034).
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22 The Scottish Retailers' Forum is the Government's leadership group with major retailers and supporting organisations.
23 By reformulation we mean the reduction of salt, saturated fat and sugar levels in food products.
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29 Effects include higher mental concentration, improved complex decision making, improved reaction time and enhanced full efficiency periods.
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33 The National Planning Forum has been established as a high level NHS/ SGHD group to secure greater joint ownership of the national planning agenda. The Forum includes members from all 22 Health Boards, as well as representatives from the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, the Scottish Association of Medical Directors, NHS Board HR and Finance Directors and now also the Scottish Partnership Forum and Directors of Public Health.
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54 A target for breastfeeding was included but this has been superseded by a HEAT target.

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