Fire safety guidance for existing premises with sleeping accommodation

Advice consolidating and superseding a number of existing fire safety guides.


1 In general, an HMO may be any house, flat or building which is the only or principal residence of three or more people, who belong to three or more families and share a toilet, bathroom or cooking facilities. HMOs require to be licensed under the Housing (Scotland) Act 2006

2 Practical Fire Safety Guidance for Care Homes, 2014

3 Fire Precautions in Domestic Childminding Premises: A Guide to Childminders produced by the Chief Fire Officers Association (Scotland)

4 UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) is the national accreditation body for the UK



7 An ‘electrical installation’ is the electrical system from the premise’s supply meter point to the socket outlets etc.

8 tested to BS 476: Part 22

9 tested to BS EN 1634: Part 1

10 The mutual terms ‘swing-free’ and ‘free-swing’ are both in common use

11 In a small number of cases where a phased evacuation strategy is used, the capacity of escape stairs is designed on the basis that not all occupants will evacuate at the same time.


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