Poverty and Income Inequality in Scotland 2014-17

Estimates of the number and proportion of people living in poverty in Scotland in 2014-17.

Where to find more information

Further analysis

This publication contains the headline poverty and income inequality statistics.

Further analysis based on the FRS and HBAI datasets is published by the Scottish Government during the year at: http://www.gov.scot/Topics/Statistics/Browse/Social-Welfare/

This provides further disaggregation of the headline statistics at sub-population level: poverty in urban and rural areas, poverty by disability, gender, and ethnicity, poverty by household tenure, household income distributions, income sources, savings and assets, and income inequality.

Additional analysis themes are based on the needs of users. If you have any suggestions for future analysis please email:

social-justice-analysis@gov.scot or phone 0131 244 5851.

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Correspondence and enquiries

For enquiries about this publication please contact:
Maike Waldmann
Communities Analysis Division
Telephone: 0131 244 5851
e-mail: social-justice-analysis@gov.scot

For general enquiries about Scottish Government statistics please contact:
Office of the Chief Statistician, Telephone: 0131 244 0442,
e-mail: statistics.enquiries@gov.scot

How to access background or source data

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