Poverty and Inequality Commission: framework document

Framework document between the Scottish Government and the Poverty and Equality Commission.

Effective strategic engagement between the Scottish Government and Commission is essential in order that they work together as effectively as possible to maintain and improve public services and deliver improved outcomes.  Both the Scottish Government and the Commission will take all necessary steps to ensure that their relationship is developed and supported in line with the jointly agreed principles set out in the statement on ‘Strategic Engagement between the Scottish Government and Scotland’s NDPBs’.

The following provisions will be supplemented by an agreed protocol which sets out proposed engagement and response timescales between the Commission and the sponsor unit. The protocol will be subject to ongoing review and agreement by both parties.

Requests for advice from Scottish Ministers

The Scottish Government will ensure that all requests for advice are submitted to the Commission in writing. Requests will likely be submitted through the sponsor unit and any further clarification that is required should subsequently be relayed through the sponsor unit who will coordinate responses as necessary.

Response to advice/scrutiny from Scottish Ministers

The Scottish Government will endeavour to respond to publications, recommendations and advice from the Commission, where appropriate, in a manner and timeframe which is reasonably practical. The response time will be determined in part by the complexity, length, practicality and urgency of the information received from the Commission and will not normally exceed 8 weeks. Where this timescale will not be met a holding response will be issued outlining the likely timeframe.

Information Requests by the Commission

The Scottish Government will provide access to relevant information within reasonable timescales for use by the Commission in accordance with paragraph 3 of the schedule of the Act. Where additional explanation or assistance is required to interpret this information the Scottish Government will provide such support.

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