Poverty and Inequality Commission: framework document

Framework document between the Scottish Government and the Poverty and Equality Commission.

Specific delegated financial authorities

The limits outlined below represent the total which may be agreed by the named party in relation to a single expense or over the life of a contract award.

Secretariat Manager

The Secretariat Manager has authority to authorise any routine expenditure of the Commission, inclusive of remuneration claims, travel expenses, contractor invoices and publication costs, etc, to the limit of £3,000. Beyond this level clearance should be sought from the Chair or Commission as appropriate.

In the absence of the Secretariat Manager the Principal Research Officer is able to authorise routine expenses.


The Chair has authority to authorise contracts and or expenses, inclusive of the above, up to the limit of £10,000.


Commission approval, in line with agreed quorum, should be sought for expenses beyond £10,000 or where special circumstances exist.

The following action is required, dependent on level of expenditure:

£10,001 - £49,999 – Once Commission approval has been given, procurement or contract award can proceed as normal.

£50,000 and over – Further to Commission approval, the Office of the Chief Social Policy Adviser must approve expenditure.


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