Post-school education and skills reform legislation: consultation

We are consulting on proposals for legislation to change what public bodies do in the post-school system in order to simplify responsibilities for apprenticeships and student support.

Annex A: Glossary

2005 Act

Further and Higher Education (Scotland) Act 2005

Establishes the Scottish Further and Higher Education Funding Council (SFC), sets out its functions and makes provision specifying which bodies (colleges and universities) can be funded.

2013 Act

Post-16 Education (Scotland) Act 2013

Made changes to existing legislation in relation to governance of further and higher education, college regionalisation and connected matters

2016 Act

Higher Education Governance (Scotland) Act 2016

Made provision about the composition of and appointment to the governing bodies and academic boards of higher education institutions and revised provision on academic freedom


A further education institution; mainly delivering further education but some higher education is delivered by colleges

further education

Defined in the 2005 Act and includes vocational qualifications, preparation for higher education or English language training for non-native speakers, amongst other things

higher education

Defined in the 2005 Act and includes first degrees, post-graduate studies and teacher training, amongst other things

learner journey

The series of courses of education and training undertaken by someone aged 16 or over

provision funding

Funding for organisations (universities, colleges and training providers) to provide high-quality education and training

Purpose and Principles

Purpose and Principles for Post-School Education, Research and Skills


Student Awards Agency Scotland


Skills Development Scotland


Scottish Funding Council

student support funding

Funding for individuals to access the education and training of their choosing


A type of higher education institution; delivers higher education and research

Withers Review

James Withers’ Independent Review of the Skills Delivery Landscape



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