Zero waste regulations: policy statement

Our policy statement on zero waste regulations.

4. Timetabling key provisions

The Zero Waste Plan sets out an ambitious agenda for changing how Scotland views and manages its resources. The pace at which these changes are taken forward will be vital to their success: moving too slowly could mean we miss key opportunities and savings, progress too quickly and new services could be introduced before the public and businesses are ready to respond to the changes needed.

The timetable for introducing the measures set out in the Regulations is therefore critical to successful roll out of new recycling services and to ensuring that:

  • there is sufficient time for businesses, particularly small businesses, to adopt new recycling services;
  • there is sufficient time for engagement with the public and business prior to the roll out of new recycling services. This will help ensure that the true potential of new services can be realised;
  • residual waste treatment infrastructure capacity in Scotland is kept to a minimum.

Figure 3 summarises the revised programme of roll out for the Regulations. Key changes include:

  • moving introduction of source segregation of food waste for small businesses to 2015;
  • providing local authorities with a longer roll out period for offering food waste collection to households;
  • moving the date for introducing the ban on landfilling biodegradable material to 2020. This will allow recycling behaviours and practice to become more established, thereby providing a more accurate picture of what infrastructure is needed to deal with non recyclable (residual waste). This will contribute to the Government's aim of minimising the need for residual waste management capacity in Scotland.

These requirements and deadlines are discussed further in the preceding sections.

Figure 3 - Revised timeline for introducing regulatory measures

Figure 3 - Revised timeline for introducing regulatory measures

* Applies to businesses involved in food production, food retail or food preparation

** For new facilities, this requirement will come into effect on commencement of the regulations


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