Play Strategy for Scotland - Progress Report

An interim progress report, at the end of year two.


For children and young people in Scotland, play is a fundamental right[i] and one which is essential to their healthy development and well-being.

In June 2013, the Scottish Government published the first national Play Strategy for Scotland: Our Vision.[ii]

"We want Scotland to be the best place to grow up. A nation which values play as a life-enhancing daily experience for all our children and young people; in their homes, early learning and childcare settings[iii], schools and communities."
Aileen Campbell, Minister for Children and Young People, (2013)

In October 2013 the publication of the accompanying Play Strategy Action Plan identified a set of activities which taken together, have the potential to significantly improve children and young people's daily lives and help them to realise their right to play.

This report sets out the progress made over the last two years in implementing that Action Plan and identifies some themes and priorities for further action.

It has been produced by the Scottish Government in conjunction with the Play Strategy Implementation Group (PSIG). The PSIG, led by the Scottish Government and made up of representatives of statutory bodies, local authorities, third sector organisations, play providers and funders, was established in November 2013 to oversee the implementation of the Action Plan and to monitor progress.

The Scottish Government would like to thank them for all the hard work, commitment and expertise they have contributed over the past two years. We wish also to extend our thanks to all those who have participated in the various working groups and consultations, particularly the children, young people, parents and carers who have so generously shared their experiences.


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