Planning performance statistics 2020/2021: quarterly (April 2020 to September 2020)

This report presents summary statistics on planning application decision-making timescales for April to September 2020, as well as historic data back to 2016/17. It is based on data collected from Local and Planning Authorities as part of the Planning Performance Framework (introduced in 2012).

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4. Processing Agreements

Some local authorities use processing agreements where the developer and the local authority agree on timescales for decisions. Applications subject to a processing agreement are not included in average decision time calculations. 

In the first six months of 2020/21 there were 1,555 applications decided that had processing agreements, 336 (28%) more than in the same period in the previous year.

In quarter one 11.3% of all applications (761 of 6,712) had processing agreements, in quarter two 11.1% (794 of 7,176) of all applications had a processing agreement.

Both quarters show a notable increase in the percentage of applications with processing agreeements when compared with the same period in the previous year (6.8% and 6.9%). A number of authorities reported an increased use of processing agreements as part of measures to manage the impact of COVID-19 restrictions and delays.

Chart 19: Proportion of applications with Processing Agreements 
Stacked bar chart showing annual trends since 2016/17 in proportion of applications subject to processing agreements
Table 1: Applications with Processing Agreements, 2020/21, Quarters 1 and 2


Quarter 1 Quarter 2
Category of development Number of Decisions % Within Agreed Timescales Number of Decisions % Within Agreed Timescales
Major Applications 18 50.0% 20 45.0%
Local Applications 616 78.9% 667 69.1%
EIA Developments 4 100.0% 0 -
Other Consents 123 76.4% 107 70.1%
Total 761 77.9% 794 68.6%



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