Planning performance statistics: first quarter, 2017-2018

The latest statistics on planning application decision-making and timescales for quarter 1 of 2017 and data going back to quarter one of 2013-2014.

8. Appeals and Local Reviews

Local Review Bodies [4] dealt with 107 cases in the first quarter of 2017/18, 62.6 per cent of which had the original decision upheld. In the previous quarter 54.3 per cent (of 138 cases) had the original decision upheld and the corresponding percentage was 55.4 per cent (of 157 cases) for quarter one in 2016/17.

In addition 57.3 per cent (of 82 cases) of appeals to Scottish Ministers in quarter one of 2017/18 had the original decision upheld. This compares with 55.9 per cent (68 cases) for the previous quarter and 49.2 per cent (61 cases) for quarter one of 2016/17 ( Quarter 1, 2017/18 – Tables 16 & 17).


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