Planning performance statistics: first quarter, 2017-2018

The latest statistics on planning application decision-making and timescales for quarter 1 of 2017 and data going back to quarter one of 2013-2014.

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10. Legacy Cases

There were three legacy cases decided in quarter one 2017/18 – one Major Housing application and two Local Other Developments.

The average decision time for all three legacy cases was 5.4 years. The Major Housing application had a decsion time of 4.4 years with the clock stopped for 5 years. One Local Other Development had a time of 10.7 years with no clock stops indicated and the other had a decision time of 1.2 years with the clock stopped for 9.6 years.

The major housing application was for a residential development including a distributor road, structural landscaping and other associated works. The delays were due to lengthy discussions over the S75 legal agreement between multiple owners.

The Local Other Development with the 10.7 year decision time was a retrospective application for change of use of agricultural land to domestic garden ground.


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