Planning your own funeral: guide

Guide to planning your own funeral including help with costs.

Funeral packages

You might be able to get a package of funeral services at a cheaper cost than buying several individual items. If you choose a package of services, you should be clear about what's included in that package and what still needs to be paid for. Funeral directors can give you an estimated cost based on your wishes. Many can also give you information on what a 'basic or simple funeral' would cost, and what other services you could ask for. A funeral director's 'basic or simple funeral' fee often includes a coffin and hearse. However, it might not include the cost of things like:

  • fees for the burial plot purchase and opening, or cremation
  • fees for whoever leads the service
  • cars to take family members to the funeral
  • death notices for the local newspaper
  • flowers

A funeral director can discuss your wishes with you.



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