Planning your own funeral: guide

Guide to planning your own funeral including help with costs.

Getting the conversation started

You may find it helpful to discuss your funeral wishes with your family or friends. Although this can be difficult, it can also be really useful for them and for you.

It would be helpful to find an appropriate time to start this conversation.

This could include:

  • while watching the news, a soap opera or other TV programmes that feature a funeral
  • while listening to a piece of music that has special meaning to you
  • after attending the funeral of a family member or friend
  • when you or a family member or friend is seriously ill

These situations give you the opportunity to ask them what they would like at their funeral and discuss what you would like at yours.

They also give you the opportunity to ask your family or friends what they think a funeral would cost.

Choosing an appropriate time, and starting a conversation in ways like this, can lead to a meaningful discussion around planning your own funeral. If you can do that, the task facing your family or friends when the time comes will be much easier.



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