Planning and Environmental Appeals Division (DPEA): annual review 2022 to 2023

Planning and Environmental Appeals Division's annual review of its performance for 2022 to 2023.

Who We Are

DPEA’s senior management team is made up of the Chief Reporter, Scott Ferrie; the three Assistant Chief Reporters, Allison Coard, Karen Heywood and David Liddell; the Head of Performance and Administration, David Henderson; and the Principal Reporters, David Buylla, Claire Milne, Robert Seaton, Alasdair Edwards, Trudi Craggs and Chris Warren.

There have been far fewer changes this year with our salaried and self-employed reporters, with the only movements being that of Tammy Swift-Adams from the self-employed reporters panel to a salaried position and the retiral from the panel of Michael Shiel.

There has been an unusually large turnover in administration staff this year with the retirals of Liz Kerr and Jane Robertson; the moving on to pastures new of Marie Buchanan, Graeme Mason and Dianne Wakeling; and the hiring of Rebecca Davidson, Anastasia Pseiraki, Claire Seidel and Lucy Wakeham. Since the end of the review year Stuart McLuckie has also decided to take up a new opportunity and we will be looking to fill his post as soon as possible.

Our office in Falkirk is fully open with our staff working a variety of different patterns involving working from home and the office, balancing their own working pattern preferences with DPEA’s business need. Our organisational chart at Appendix B shows our management and administrative structure.

Our reporters are listed at Appendix C. Although they are home based they are in regular contact with members of the casework support team and work closely with them. Reporters have a variety of professional backgrounds, albeit most are planners.



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