Planning Advice Note 77: designing safer places

Planning Advice Note (PAN) 77 provides advice on how planning can help to create attractive well-managed environments which help to discourage antisocial and criminal behaviour.

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Tay Square, Dundee
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Gorbals, Glasgow

Designing Places, published in November 2001, sets out the Scottish Executive's expectations of the planning system to deliver good quality development.

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This Planning Advice Note ( PAN) should be read in conjunction with Designing Places and other national policy and advice. Of particular relevance are PAN56 Planning and Noise, PAN67 Housing Quality, PAN68 Design Statements and PAN76 New Residential Streets.

This document supersedes PAN 46 Planning for Crime Prevention (published in 1994). It reinforces many of the key themes outlined in PAN 46, and brings the advice up to date with a new emphasis on design and quality.

This PAN highlights the positive role that planning can play in helping to create attractive, well-managed environments which help to discourage antisocial and criminal behaviour. It also aims to ensure that new development can be located and designed in a way that deters such behaviour. It is important that we do not create places that are desolate. Poorly designed surroundings can create feelings of hostility, anonymity and alienation and can have significant social, economic and environmental costs.

The advice in this PAN will be of relevance to local authorities, developers and the police as well as a wider range of stakeholders, such as community groups and businesses. It has been prepared in consultation with the Scottish Forum of Police Architectural Liaison Officers and the Scottish Executive Community Safety and Antisocial Behaviour Team.


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